Day 5 - Immunity Challenge #2

Pagong getting your first look at the new Tagi tribe. Max voted out at the last Tribal Council.

Pagong, I will take it back. Immunity is once again up for grabs.

For today's challenge, you will be playing "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall". I'm sure you all know how it works, so I'll just cut to the point of it. If you don't know, just ask your tribe.

This challenge will start at 2:00 PM Eastern / 11:00 AM Pacific. If a tribe starts before then, they will need to restart.

The tribe that gets the farthest in 10 hours (midnight Eastern / 9:00 PM Pacific) wins immunity and is safe from tomorrow night's Tribal Council. Losers will have to vote someone out.

Pagong, you have one extra member, you need to sit someone out. Please use your tribe chat to inform the hosts of who the sit-out is. This choice must be made before the challenge starts.