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• 12/22/2013

Day 16 - Immunity Challenge #5

Welcome to your first immunity challenge as a merged tribe. Tribal immunity is no more, individual immunity is what you seek. And today, TWO people will win individual immunity.

For today's challenge, you can't control your own fate, but you can control the fate of the others. You will rank the other six members of Rattana on a scale of 1 to 6 - 6 is who you most want to win immunity, 1 is who you least want to win immunity. If you do not submit answers, everyone gets 6 points and you will receive a penalty vote at Tribal Council the next time you are not immune.

The two people with the most points after everyone has submitted win immunity and are safe from the vote. Losers, one of you five will be voted out of the game. If there is a tie, the tiebreaker will be revealed AFTER the challenge.

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• 12/22/2013

Deadline is 11pm Eastern / 8pm Pacific on Christmas Eve.

Tribal Council will be posted on the 26th to avoid overlapping with Christmas.

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