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Tribe(s) ██ Tagi

Yui Nii-san, also known as Sunshine Charyzard or KC is a contestant from Survivor: Borneo.


Name(Age): Kacey(15)

Tribe Designation: Tagi

Current Residence: Adelaide, Australianya

Personal Claim Of Fame: Being a Sexy Pumpkin

Inspiration In Life: Rihanna and Lorde, Because i have a big lesbian crush on them and want to have their babies.

Hobbies: Singing, Writing about children murdering eachother, Pretending i am stranded on an Island voting off random people, Being a sexy pumpkin.

'Pet Peeves: Stupid people, Taylor, Eddie, Being called a sock(which i am not, but lord knows that asshole Alfons sure tried his best to make everyone believe his lies), Not being a sexy pumpkin, Being told i dye my hair to much, People who aren't Gay, People who are too Gay, People who don't love Gay People, Muffins, Not having Starbucks in the morning, People who think i am on the computer to much, People in General, Jesus Freaks, People who don't like Pokemon, People who don't like me, People who think i am too lesbian for Rihanna and Lorde, People who aren't Lesbian for Rihanna and Lorde, People who shove religion down my throat, Swagyolo2chains people. The word Swag in general, Fruit Bats, Dicks that are short and fat, Guys that aren't cute, Guys that are super cute but gay, Parents who ignore the fact that their baby is crying, Babies that cry, Babies in general, Parents in General, The World.

3 Words To Describe You: Crazy, Cuddly, Cowalabear

'If you could have 3 things on an island what would they be and why?: A McDonalds resturaunt so i can stuff my face whenever i please, A Machete so i can kill my enemies, And a box of Matches so i can set the forest on fire if i lose, Then make my grand escape.

Survivor Contestant you are Most Like: Jenna Morscosa because i like Reeses Cups.

Reason for being on Survivor: I like survivor.

Why do you think you will be Sole-Survivor: Because i'm a sexy pumpkin.

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  • Sunshine Charyzard is a Nickname, Due to her hair looking the color of a Charizard basking in the Sunshine.
  • Kacey is the first castaway to ever be Evacuated from the Game on the Brian and Brendan's Survivor Wiki.